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Beautiful covers, thick paper, quality design...

Fine Art Albums

Because your images deserve to be printed.

Months after your wedding day has passed, do you imagine yourself sitting around your computer with your friends and family trying to
find your favourite photos from your day?

No? Instead, picture sitting in the lounge with some wine & cheese and showing off your favourite wedding photos in an album to your girlfriends and parents, allowing them to relive the day. Can you imagine yourself cuddling up to your hubby next to the fire, flicking through the pages of your wedding day, and immersing yourselves back into the best day of your life, and bringing back all the emotions you felt.

Your wedding deserves to be showcased not on Facebook or a computer screen, but in something that you can physically hold and touch and easily show your loved ones.

“There is no better way to relive the best day of your life than to see the photos in print.”

The fine-art albums I provide will outlast any digital medium, so even your great-grandchildren can enjoy your special day.

Each album features lay-flat pages, beautiful covers and quality design. You have the option of customising your album, making it larger or smaller, thicker or thinner, inserting more pages, or choosing linen instead of leather. The entire experience is unique to you and how you would like your images to be showcased.

The Design

Unique for you

A lot of photographers will choose the album photos for their couples and design the album with no input from the bride and groom.

I don’t believe in choosing your wedding album photos for you. I want you to pick your favourite photos, to ensure the final result is truly something that fills your heart with joy.

After your wedding images have been delivered, I will ask you to choose your favourites via your private online gallery. I will then design your album layout and you can review and request any changes you’d like.

All premium albums will be delivered in a standard gift box to protect your investment, with the option to upgrade to the fully matching premium box.


Crystal Cover

Leatherette Cover

Melbourne Wedding Photography Albums

Genuine Leather Cover

Linen Cover


Hey Carley,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the album and the gorgeous USB box. It was so beautifully presented, and we absolutely love the album. We took it to our family lunch, and they love it just as much as we do. Thanks again!

Racheal & Ben


I absolutely love our wedding album as do our families !! Thank you so much!!

Bec & Michael

Album FAQs

Can we choose our own photos for our wedding album?

Of course! In fact, I believe this is the only way wedding albums should be
created. They should be filled with your favourite photos of the day, not
mine 🙂

How long does it take to get our album?

After you finalise what images you’d like to include in your album, please
allow up to 2 weeks for the initial design, and up to 4 weeks for the printing of the album.

How do we receive our album once it’s ready?

Once ready, I’ll be in touch and we can organise a convenient pick up time. Pick up is from Croydon, VIC.

Do you have example albums?

Yes! I would have shown you a few options in our inital consultation. If
you’d like to see them again we can organise another meet up.

How thick are the album pages?

I offer two types of page thickness – thick and thin. The thicker pages
are 1.3mm and consists of a 0.5mm paper and 0.8mm substrate core.
The thinner pages are 0.8mm and consist of a 0.5mm paper and 0.3mm
substrate core.

What type of finishes do you offer?

I also offer two finishes to the pages – lustre and matt. What is lustre you
ask? Lustre has the rich saturated colours of glossy paper but also a nice
subtle texture. This paper is typically only available through professional
labs. It’s also brilliant as it has a natural resistance to fingerprints. It purely comes down to personal preference.

Please note: colour may appear slightly washed out with the matt option

Can you do different materials for our album?

Definitely! I have the options of a classic leather album (text on the front
is optional), leatherette album, linen album or a crystal mount album. As
a personal preference, I really rate the crystal mount album – I just think
it has that ‘wow’ factor, however, the leather or linen albums are perfect
for the couples with the ‘traditional’ taste. I also have a range of different
colour options to choose from too.

Do you have an option to gift our family?

Yes! My parent album option is a miniature version of your wedding album and is perfect to give to your loved ones. It’s an exact replica of your album, in a smaller version with a black leatherette cover.

How do we order one of these magical books?

As with everything I do, I try to keep the process as simple as possible for
you. To place your order, let me know what sized album you are interested
in. I will send you an invoice for the full amount, and once payment has
been received you can start choosing your favourite images. Once your list
has been finalised, let me know and I will start on the design process.