Full Day Wedding Photography Melbourne

My full day coverage offers unlimited hours and ensures that the most important parts of your day are not missed or forgotten. I arrive in the morning when you’re getting ready and leave at the end of the reception.

Bride Getting Ready

Can you picture it? It’s the morning of your wedding – You’re nervous and your heart is pounding, but the sense of excitement of what’s ahead is really all you can think about.

It’s a delicate time – and indeed a momentous one – when you, the bride gets ready, which is why I take the utmost care in taking photographs of the you in the lead up before you put on your dress and are ready to leave to the ceremony.

This moment is crucial, and there are plenty of details to seize. From the jewellery to the bouquets, to you being surrounded by your friends, and everyone filled to the brim with excitement. I will be there to capture these behind-the-scene memories.

Grab a glass of champagne and gather your girls. I’ll be sure to capture many candid moments during this time but will also be sure to capture you with your ladies while you get glammed up. All the natural & raw emotions are captured for you to look back on.

Groom Getting Ready

Weddings are generally perceived as the day of the bride, but I know it is a special time for the groom, too. My full day wedding photography coverage means that I will be there during this integral part of the occasion. I will make sure he shines, with photos showing off his impeccable fashion taste and love for you, his bride.

If he decides to pen his feelings for you I will be by his side to capture this perfect photo opportunity. Weddings can be a complete frenzy, so if the groom wants to get away and enjoy some quiet time to himself before all the craziness starts, it is yet another chance to snap a photo.

Whether it’s putting on his tux or his tie, these moments are special, and I will be there to capture the memories.


Finally, it is time for the much-awaited wedding ceremony! Wedding photography will never be complete without the photos of the ceremony itself, it’s the most important and meaningful part of the entire day. It’s the reason all your family and friends have gathered in the one place.

From your dad walking you down the aisle, your groom’s reaction, to the exchanging of rings, to the first kiss, and the congratulations from your loved ones. The greatest moment of your life, and the most emotional one, I make sure I capture these moments as they unfold. I capture them truthfully and honestly, telling your story as it happens.

Family Photos

It’s really important to me that you get at least one photo of every person at your wedding. They are the closest friends and loved ones that you invited, and there’s a reason that you invited them. That’s why I ensure that a group photo is taken after the ceremony, it’s a great memory to look back on.

This is also the time that the formal family portraits are taken, as well as plenty of candids of the closest people in your life.

Locations & Sunset Photos

After the ceremony, I’m sure you’ll be relieved that the formal part of the day is over, and you’ll just want to let loose and have some fun! This is the time that you can unwind with the bridal party and get some amazing candid photos, as well as some shots with a little more direction from myself.

Depending on your schedule, we can get some gorgeous sunset photos, or we can pop out of the reception later on for 5 minutes too. These photos are natural, romantic and can look almost magical.


For most photographers, they are done for the day after the cake cut – or they’ll even do a mock cake cut, but you and I both know there is more to capture throughout the night! I stay until the end. This ensures all the formal and informal parts of your night are told and remembered (in case you have a few too many!).

Your wedding reception is the best party you will ever have in your life, which is why it is one of the most amazing times to get photos. The guests are having fun, you and your groom are dancing, and everyone is having an absolute blast.

From the cake cut to the speeches, to the first dance & exit, I’ll capture everything along with the candid moments throughout. This is one of the best times of the day to capture natural, raw emotions from your guests as they enjoy the party.