Invest in your marriage

You’re not planning a wedding to prove your worthiness to your family, or to please your future in-law’s cousin that’s twice removed, or to be the biggest and most expensive wedding out of all your friends. You’re not getting married to send yourselves broke leaving you to  draw out against your mortgage. You’re not having a wedding to get divorced in a year when there’s less going on, and life’s not as exciting as it is now.

Remember why you’re getting married.

Take a step back.


I want you to take a moment, right now and think of three things about your partner that you love. Write them on a piece of paper or in here in the comments below if you want.

Remember why you fell in love with them.

Remember the moment they asked you to marry them and relive those emotions for a minute.

This is why you’re planning your wedding.

At the end of the day, the wedding itself isn’t the reason you’re planning your wedding.

You’re doing this for the long-haul… your marriage.

So, invest in your marriage.

If those around you are doing your head in, or you feel like there’s too much pressure to have the perfect wedding, stop trying to please everyone else and do what’s right for you and your partner. Click here to ready about my Top 10 Tips for a Sress-Free Wedding. And most importantly, don’t lose your line of communication with your partner, I hear about this happening too often during the wedding planning process. You need to remember why you’re getting married, and what’s important. Your marriage is what’s important.

What do you love about your partner? Can you remember the moment you realised you were in love with them?