Having a private moment with your partner before walking down the aisle is something that’s becoming more and more popular with couples. And whilst it is becoming so popular, as with most things, there are both pros and cons to having a first look, and I’ll explain a few here to help you decide if a first look is right for you.


A private and intimate moment

First looks are amazing, especially if you are private people. It gives you the opportunity to share the moment (and emotions) of seeing your partner for the first time with each other intimately, and without the eyes of your guests. You can be fully invested in just being there in the moment with your spouse and loving how good they look! 😉 It’s also a great opportunity for me to capture some real, emotional expressions of the two of you, and gives you a chance to relax before the ceremony because you’ve already seen each other.

More time to part-ay with your guests

You can combine your first look photos with your bridal party photos before the wedding ceremony. That means you won’t be off site for a couple hours after the ceremony leaving your guests back at the reception. You’ll be able to jump into the party at the same time your guests do and be able to spend some quality time with them instead of rushing around later.

A later ceremony time & maximising daylight

Particularly great in winter and non-daylight savings times, doing a first look means you could have an evening ceremony and jump straight into the reception, and not be stressed for enough light for photos after the ceremony.

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No tears

One of my favourite moments at a wedding is when the groom tears up as his bride walks down the aisle and he sees her for the first time. The raw emotions are priceless – and whilst that still might happen if you’ve done a first look, there is less of a chance.

No sleep in

A sleep in on a wedding day, who am I kidding? But doing a first look basically pushes your timeline up an hour or two, so it’s likely that you will need to get ready earlier than you would without one.


It’s a completely personal choice to do a first look, and you’ll know if it’s right or wrong for you. Did you do a first look? Did you love it?