Everyone has been affected by the covid19 pandemic in some way, and if you haven’t, well that is impressive! I do not know how you’ve done it. My heart goes out to every single person who is facing hardships during this crazy era. But you know what, we are GOING to get THROUGH THIS. We will. The wedding industry has taken a massive hit over the last couple of months, and the follow-on effect will continue to damage the industry for months if not another year or two. This not only impacts suppliers and vendors but also couples planning their big day. Couples are still asking the big question “should I postpone my wedding?” The thing is, there is no right or wrong answer here, but I will walk you through some options available.


If you desperately still want to get married on your original wedding date (and postponing isn’t an option for you) and it does not look like the restrictions will be lifted by then, you do have the option to elope.

Under the current government restrictions of 5 people at the attendance of a wedding, your elopement would include you and your partner, your celebrant, photographer (as one witness) and someone else as your other witness. That totals to your limit of 5 guests. You sill also still need to abide by 4 square metres provided per person in an enclosed space rule too and practice a distance of 1.5m from each other.

If those restrictions do not bother you, go for it!

I have found many couples have chosen this option as they feel it’s less stressful, and they can really just enjoy the fact that they’re getting married to their best friend without all the hype that comes with a big wedding.

After Party

If you decide to elope, you can do what a lot of couples are doing now and having an after-party when this whole pandemic thing is over.

It is a great way to still party with your family and friends, and you can even ask your celebrant to perform a commitment ceremony when the big day arrives so your guests can still be present for your ‘ceremony’. It might be nice to pour out your hearts to each other again with your vows.


Notice I said postpone instead of cancel? You still want to marry your other half, don’t you?

Postponing may be the way to go for you then. This will allow you to still have your dream wedding with all your family and friends by your side. And the good thing about postponing is that when this is over, everyone is going to want to party so hard! If this is the option for you, pick a few potential dates. First have a chat to your venue, next to your celebrant and your photographer. Also, speak to any other must-have vendors to ensure there is a suitable date for all before you lock anything in. Next, inform your guests of your date change.

Throughout this crazy time… try not to focus on the bad and acknowledge the good. If you have your health, food on the table and a roof over your head, you are doing much better than a lot of others. Be grateful for that. And for your loved ones. ⠀⠀
Perception is a strong thing. Do not think of this time in isolation as being stuck inside, but consider it as keeping your loved ones safe. Don’t be bummed because you can’t go out, but consider the fact that you now have time for all the extra wedding planning, and spending more time with your partner and having some deep and meaningful conversations.
And most importantly, don’t get hung up on the fact that your wedding may be postponed, but remember why you’re having your wedding in the first place. It is not the date that matters, it is marrying your best friend. And as long as you have each other everything WILL be ok. Your marriage is what matters, so enjoy this time in isolation with your partner and focus on your relationship instead of a date on the calendar.

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