Feeling stressed and overwhelmed on your wedding day is normal and natural. There’s no reason to let it hamper the beautiful celebration of your love and the beginning of your new life. Feeling prepared will help you keep feelings of being overwhelmed at bay.

Organisation is one of the five main tools recommended to reduce stress. I’m going to show you how a wedding day timeline can help you feel prepared and less anxious so you can actually enjoy your special day! And give you some examples too!

Your Guide To Creating A Wedding Day Timeline

It’s hard to know what to expect on your wedding day. Every wedding is different, after all. There are so many moving pieces that it makes visualizing the festivities like trying to imagine an iron foundry in its entirety

Creating a wedding day timeline will help make this massive complexity easier to navigate and seem less overwhelming. Take these tips as more of a guideline than a blueprint, however. They’re more things to think about than hard-and-fast rules. Feel free to modify this wedding day timeline to fit your wedding party and its unique circumstances. 

Wedding Day Timeline


One of the main reasons that a wedding day timeline is so mandatory is for the sake of wedding day photography. Not only does everything need to be completed in a timely fashion, but it also needs to be documented for posterity.

Adding a slight buffer to these timings also isn’t a bad idea. As a wedding  photographer, I want to make sure everything is captured!

As a general rule of thumb, you should allocate 45 minutes to document the groom getting ready. From the actual getting ready to him having a moment with his parents or getting a pep talk from his groomsmen.

Don’t overlook the potential for candid or humorous shots during the preparation phase. Everyone’s running around like a cyclone during this time! It’s also a chance to catch the lighter moments, apart from the solemnity and grandiosity of the ceremony!

The bridal party tends to take a bit longer for preparations, as there’s also makeup and more elaborate hairstyles to consider.

It’s best to speak to your makeup and hair artists first, but in my experience, you should dedicate 45 minutes to each member of the bridal party’s hair. You should also give another 45 minutes for their makeup. You can’t rush perfection!

You as the bride-to-be are the star of the wedding day. You’ve also got the most on your plate. Make sure to dedicate extra time to make sure every single detail is picture-perfect. 60 to 90 minutes for bridal preparation photos is usually a good timeframe. I will often arrive when the bride’s preparations begin. 

Groom Preparation
Bride Preparation
Wedding Day Timeline
Wedding Day Timeline


Now it’s time for the official ceremony. This step often requires the least preparations, ironically enough, as you’ll likely rehearse the ceremony with whoever’s officiating it.

For the sake of your wedding day timeline, dedicate 30 minutes to the wedding itself which should give enough time for the sweet vows and the inevitable sobs from the attendees. Then devote another 30 minutes for a big group photo with me, as well as the family photos while everyone’s still done up and looking their best!

Ceremony Wedding Day Timeline

Location Shoots

The Yarra Valley is dripping with gorgeous, inspiring places for photography. That’s one of the reasons it’s such a popular place to get married in the first place… it’s gorgeous!

Location shoots are also an unexpected treat of the wedding day, especially when you’ve planned accordingly. How often do you and your nearest and dearest get to gather wearing your most elegant outfits, to visit jaw-droppingly beautiful settings? It’s enough to make you want to get married in-and-of-itself.

For the sake of your wedding day timeline, dedicate 60 to 90 minutes for shooting on location.

This doesn’t include travel times, however. If you’re going off-site to capture some of the Yarra Valley’s beautiful, inspiring scenery, make sure to allocate a few extra minutes to get to where you’re going.

Location Shoots
Location Shoots


By the time you get to the reception, you can finally stop scheduling your wedding day down to the second. While you have a larger block of time and can sort-of relax and unwind, however, there are still things that need to happen though!

Even the wedding reception has its traditions you’ll need to consider. Things like the couple’s first dance or cutting the wedding cake, for instance.

Wedding photographers are often only booked for 6 or 8 hours, so keep that in mind. If you’re hoping to get detailed photos of special moments like cutting your wedding cake, having your first dance, or maybe a sparkler exit, make sure to sign up for a full day package!


Looking For A Wedding Photographer In Melbourne?

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your entire life. You want to capture it in its best possible light. Whether you’re looking for someone to help you keep to your wedding day timeline or catch those special candid moments outside your venue, get in touch with any questions you may have or book an appointment!