Planning a wedding can be stressful, but I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. The financial stress, high emotions, time restrictions and the pressure from family and friends… oh the pressure! So how do you manage all this stress and plan with a level head and an anxious-free heart? Here are my top tips on how to reduce stress whilst planning your wedding.

Remember why, to reduce stress.

The first tip and the most important (in my opinion) is to remember exactly why you’re getting married. You’ve met the man of your dreams, you’ve built a life together and possibly want to start a family. You’re madly in love and can’t imagine doing life with anyone else. Does this sound familiar? You’re not having a wedding to show off to your friends and dig yourself into debt you can’t get out of. You’re having a wedding to get married… married to your best friend. When life is kicking you down, just remember that.


All successful business owners have a couple of things in common, and one of those is that they delegate. Why am I talking about business? Because when you’re planning a wedding you are basically a project planner, and it’s ok to start delegating. It’s ok to ask for help, and those people around you that love you wouldn’t flinch at the opportunity to help you plan your big day. Ask your fiance, bridal party and your parents and siblings to help relieve your stress.


If you need to reduce stress, take some me-time and have a pamper day. Go to the day spa, have a massage or a facial, get your nails done. Really take some time off to just relax and focus on yourself.


It’s a very known fact that exercise helps reduce stress and better your mental health. I even find that if I’m overwhelmed, I’ll go for a long walk to clear the head and it’s all I need to feel better. Give it a go.

Focus on your relationship

Remember to schedule in time with your other half and avoid talking about wedding planning. Yes, avoid it. You need to focus on you two and your relationship, and that means no stress talk. Go out on a date, splurge a little and enjoy each other’s company.

Obviously, there’s no magic fix to reduce stress whilst planning a wedding, but focussing on these things can really help. And if you ever need to talk or vent feel free to reach out, my door is always open.