Living in Melbourne is usually fantastic, however, right now we are in the midst of the second wave of coronavirus (as I’m sure you are well aware). This comes at not only a cost to potentially our friends and families health but also our businesses, the economy and of course – weddings.

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has left the wedding industry with uncertainty and in unprecedented times. None of us has experienced this before, or anything like it so we really need to come together and be as kind to each other as possible.

This second wave has meant that many couples who were planning on getting married at the start of the year are unfortunately having to postpone their wedding for a second time. And those who had been planning on a late 2020 wedding are now also considering postponing.


Why postpone because of coronavirus?

You might be thinking, why should I, this lockdown won’t last forever? Should I really postpone? The issue here is that even though we are in a six-week lockdown currently, the restrictions around the number of guests may take another six months to be lifted. Or possibly (God forbid) another year to be fully removed. So if you choose to keep your current date, you may very well need to cull your guest list down to the minimum number of guests allowed.


Where to even start when making the call to postpone?

The very first step here is to get in touch with your venue and ask them for any possible new dates that they are free. Add those to a spreadsheet and send that spreadsheet to your current wedding suppliers. Ask them what dates will work for them. This is the best possible way to ensure you can still go ahead with your dream team.

I’ve heard of many stories where couples are just picking dates without consulting their suppliers and then getting upset at them when they aren’t free. This hasn’t happened to me (because all my couples are rad haha) but communication works both ways and it’s the most important part of any relationship.

I know there’s a lot of people to consult when making this call to postpone, but talking to your current suppliers will help ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.


Future couples…

2021 is filling fast because we are needing to postpone 2020 weddings. All current clients take full priority with date availability so be sure to get in touch sooner rather than later to ensure we can accommodate. I’m also now taking bookings for 2022! And can’t wait to be celebrating with you when your date comes around.


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