Firstly, congrats on your engagement! This is such an exciting time for you and your partner. I bet you’re deep into your wedding planning now (or hardly just started, who am I to judge?) and you’re wondering if you need to have an engagement photo session. 

There are a few reasons I recommed having an engagement photo shoot with your photographer, and I’ll walk you through them below.

1. Practice makes perfect

If you’re anything like me, you hate being in front of the camera, and will always opt to be taking the photos if possible. When I meet my couples for the first time, one of the most common statements they make is that they aren’t comfortable infront of the camera and they’ll need a lot of direction at the wedding. An engagement photo shoot is a fantastic way to break out of your shell and get some practice in before your big day. You’ll also find that a professional photo shoot isn’t as scary as it seems.  With guidance and prompts we can capture some amazing memories and photos together.

2. It’s all about you

Surely you’re thinking “we don’t need this, we will have a whole day together to take photos at the wedding”. Whilst this statement is true, you will be preoccupied with ensuring the timings of the day are running smoothly and prioritising your guests over yourselves. It’s inevitable. An engagement photo session allows you and your partner to enjoy each other’s company without any wedding day stress. It allows you to be in the moment and have a laugh and enjoy your engagement – afterall, it’s a milestone worth celebrating.

3. Let’s get to know each other

This is the prime time to get to know each other. It lets you understand how I work and photograph, and gives me the opportunity to get to know you both… What you love about each other, what makes you tick, what makes you laugh and what types of photos work for you both.

4. Bring your family (aka your fur babies)

It’s not always practical to bring your fur babies to your wedding, but they’re just as much part of the family as a human baby right? If you want some really great family photos with them without the stress of finding a dog sitter for the wedding, bring them along to the engagement shoot. I definitely won’t say no! In fact, I might end up hanging out with your dog more than you two 😉 

5. You will see professional photos

Professional photos are so much more than just a selfie together on a phone. I can capture your love and real emotions between you both, capture the essence of why you’re together and feel the warmth in your heart when you look back at these images. We can also get some of these printed so you have something tangable, something you can hold and even give to your mum or grandparents. I also find that a lot of couples don’t have any photos of themselves printed or on the walls, this is a fantastic opportunity for that and also for utilizing the images for the wedding. Some couples use these photos for their Save the Dates and also their wedding guest book. 

6. Combine your engagement photo shoot with your hair & makeup trial

Instead of letting your hair & makeup trial go to waste watching Netflix in bed, tee it up with your engagement photo shoot. You’ll not only look your best but for your photos, but you’ll feel your best and most confident version of yourself.

7. Diversity in locations

Having an engagement photo shoot, you’re not locked in to a specific time frame and vicinity. If there’s somewhere meaningful to you and your partner or if there is somewhere you’d like photos taken that isn’t logistical on your wedding day, let’s do it for your engagement photo session. 

Once we’ve decided on the perfect location, we can organise a day and time. A typical session lasts up to one hour, and I recommend shooting during the hour before sunset. This is called the golden hour and during this time, the sun gives us amazing light to work with. The light’s much softer and more romantic.

Wear something fun, something nice and most importantly something that’s you!

Let’s hang out, have some fun and get some killer shots! Contact me for more information and availability.